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SEO is not the solution to your problems

Do we know how to make the most of every user that comes to our content or commerce websites? It seems that many people are obsessed with the SEO issue without having done their homework. The key is not to attract traffic, although it is certainly important, the value we are able to generate from… Read More »

How to deal with and address weaknesses in your business

There is much talk about competitive advantages but little about destructive disadvantages. Let’s see how you can deal with them and treat them so that they are not lethal. Not all the virtues of an entrepreneur always become strengths of business but almost always weaknesses are transferred immediately. Especially in the initial phase, a business… Read More »

Facebook Secrets

Facebook’s secret groups – do they exist? Sorry for the confusion but I couldn’t resist when I came up with this title for the post you’re about to read (or not). On Facebook, there are 3 types of groups: public, closed and secret. Therefore the answer to the initial question is “yes.” But hey, since… Read More »