Do Not Try To Keep Up With Online Marketing But Do This

By | August 6, 2019

In case you hadn’t noticed yet. Online marketing changes and evolves with impressive speed. Virtually every day new tools and platforms come out that could become the new Facebook or Amazon tomorrow. If you have the ambition to be up to date in all fields to be able to tell when that date arrives, you face an impossible task. You will never live up to online marketing.

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Nor is it a challenge that makes too much sense, I would even say that it is counterproductive. Just look at those people in the sector whose things (apparently) are going well. How do they do that? What is your big secret?

Those who stand out in online marketing do this
Summarized in one sentence is about all this: focus on a few things. They do not try to dominate the entire field of online marketing but rather seek a very specific space and focus on knowing it to the smallest detail. This implies that they know very little about others. These are some of the profiles that exist in online marketing:

Social media manager (all networks although everyone can have their specialist).
Social ads campaign manager and especially Facebook.
Search campaign manager and especially Google Ads and Google Shopping.

  • Web Analytics.
  • UX / UI analyst.
  • UX / UI designer.
  • SEO on-page.
  • SEO off-page.
  • Technical SEO
  • International SEO

With these examples, I have only wanted to give you an idea of ​​the diversity that exists even within the same field. It is not the same to bring networks on Facebook than on Twitter. Nor is it the same to devote to web analytics or be an analyst of UX / UI. Overlapping knowledge is required but typically there are different people and specialists covering each of the fields.

You have to live up to your project:

The important thing is not to be at the height of online marketing but at the height of your project. You have to be clear about the important points for your client and look for people who can help you in those fields. In my case I move in e-commerce so I focus on having an extensive catalog, having a good experience, offering good services and exceptional after-sales service. Around these points, I ride the project.

  • People have to arrive at the store (organic or paid).
  • Offer a pleasant UX / UI to navigate removing barriers.
  • Upload new products to the store every day.
  • Track the order once the customer has made the purchase.

When you have the pillars you will discover the necessary knowledge but it is essential to start there. It is not so relevant to know the latest online marketing fashion tool, which is more a matter of ego and/or a waste of time to participate in the latest Twitter conversations. Does that really bring you something?

In summary:

keeping up with everything that happens in online marketing is an impossible and unnecessary task. Identify the pillars of your online project and then build a structure around it. Whenever you can, seek help from specialists. You will always go faster and with the right professional also better accompanied on your trip. What else can I tell you? Ah, I know, I still have to finish this …

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