Does it make sense to set up your online store yourself?

By | August 9, 2019

In life, I have set up a WordPress blog. The online store obviously as you can imagine even less.

I have never considered not outsourcing the development of the online store. In times of WordPress, Shopify, and Prestashop, less and less technical knowledge is needed to carry out this task.

I have never set up a website from scratch
I have always been convinced that my time would be better spent on other things. Now that I am on vacation I usually get improvements to the new website of the collecting project every night. It’s getting better and better.

To be honest, this website has not been set up by me either. 80% have already delivered it to me but the job really is in that last 20 %. I usually pull our developer for this task. Right now I don’t have any at hand so I have looked for life on my part. I am enjoying doing it. I don’t have the feeling that I’m wasting time because there are things you discover before when you do it yourself.

For whom and when does it make sense to set up a website from scratch?
And not. The answer to this is not for all those who do not have the money to pay someone. I do not mean all those who have no alternative. Let’s get to the point.

It makes sense if you have some knowledge in handling a CMS like WordPress, Prestashop or Shopify. Magento discarded it already because it requires a much higher technical level than all other platforms. If you really start from scratch, the effort taking the alternative to outsource would be too high.

It helps you to know what you want. When you put a developer to do something, you don’t usually know what you need. Many times when you see the result you know what you don’t want. This can cost you a lot of money that you can avoid if you touch up “bullshit” yourself until you have it at the point you need it.

If you shorten the development time. I don’t know if the same thing happens to you but many times when a developer tells you that it takes at least 1 week to accomplish something, I don’t usually have a clue if it’s true or it’s exaggerating. They can sell us the motorcycle if they wanted to! The truth is that if it is urgent you start now. You don’t have to wait for your hole in the queue. It is done, period.

It’s already 10 o’clock at night and I probably leave the configuration of shipping costs by weight for another day. The good thing is that I already know what I have to do. Something is something … I’ll tell you.

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